A few years back, I went to the park with a friend of mine for a game of badminton. As I was taking my racket out its case, my eyes were amazed at what my friend had just taken out.

The racquet was very lightweight, slim and the strings were thin. And when he told me that it was a branded racquet from one of the best brands out there, that is when I realized Branded rackets aren’t just for show. At that point, I was sure that I also had to get my hands on one.

Did some research of the matter and very soon I realized that even a simple thing as buying a racket can prove to be rather difficult since so many brands exist which manufactures racket.

Without further due, let me tell you everything I know about the brands that I stumbled across while buying one for myself.


Overview of The Game

Badminton is a game that is played between either two players or four players with a racquet and shuttlecock, and the cock has to cross a net that divides the court into halves.

For a casual game, a yard or a lawn is used to play, but for an official game, a rectangular court is used which has its specific measurements.

The court is divided by a center line, wherein both the sides the server and the receiver stands diagonally – the server serves the shuttlecock in such a way that it is passes to the receiver.

It is a game of three matches where each match is equal to 21 points. A player has to win two matches consisting of 21 points each for winning the game.

If any disturbance occurs during the game like if the receiver is not ready when the server serves “Let” can be called. “Let” means that the rally will be stopped and the game will continue from that point without any change of score.


Main Brands For Badminton Racquets

A right racquet is a key to enhancing a badminton game. Using a too heavy or too light racquet can spoil one’s mood as well as the game.

For this, it is very necessary to choose the best and perfect racquet. A list of some top brands is given that will help you to choose the racquet for enhancing your badminton game.


  1. YONEX

This is a Japanese manufacturer that comes up with some best badminton racquets. It has many versions like ARC10, ARC 11, YonexVoltric Z force two etc.

The racquets of this company have excellent control and is a great choice for midcourt as well as frontcourt game because of its fast swing and mobility.

Professionals are fascinated by the brand and will use rackets which are manufactured but the brand in their games.

The price of the racquets may vary from $99-$219 which can be a bit costly but worth it because of its lightweight and precise controlling capability.



Carlton is a brand that gained its recognition because of producing durable and outstanding quality racquets.

This company manufactures racquets keeping individual players in thought. Speed is critical while playing badminton whether it is the speed of shot or reaction. Therefore, the racquets designed by “Carlton” meets the requirement of speed at its best.

The price of their racquets varies from $12-$249.These racquets are super slim and lightweight.


  1. LI NING

The racquets of this brand are used by many professional players. The LI NING N 7 II is one of the racquets of “N” series of this brand that has been used by “Shi Yuqi” who won a lot of international medals playing through this racquet.

Racquets by this brand are very lightweight for which a player can play longer using the racquet without being fatigued.


  1. FLEET

Fleet is a Malaysian enterprise that is one of the top producers of badminton racquets.

The racquets of this brand are durable, and this was the first company to produce 88 single-pass grommet holes light carbon racquet. Many professionals now recommend the racquets of this brand.


  1. FORZA

This company is the leading badminton brand company in Denmark. The racquets of this brand are divided into series like power series, light series, legend series.

If you are looking for racquets for speed, then you have to look at the light series. Through dividing the series, it makes it easier for the players to find the best match of their requirement.

Moreover, the racquets of this brand ensure power than any other brand.



This is one of the leading manufacturers of badminton products. The racquets of this brand have the best accuracy in the attack, and this is the base of Victor.

Moreover, they are fast swing, lightweight and are recommended by many professional players. Games played through the racquets of this brand are supplied with more speed and strength.



This is a prominent brand of Europe whose racquets get excellent customer review. The racquets are ultra-lightweight which makes it easy to grip by any player.

They manufacture one of the lighter racquets that one can buy. The racquets are best for fast playing games. Some excellent creations of this brand are KARAKAL BN-60FF and SL-70.



This is a company that manufactures such racquets that have fabulous smashing power. They can smash the shuttlecock better than any other racquets. They have racquets of matt red and black; they match the color of a racing car.



Nothing is more satisfying than a good match of badminton. We all can walk up to a store and get the first racket that the storekeeper shows us. But is that really wise?

A racket which is manufactured by a good brand will always be one of the best things you have held while engaged in a match. The build quality and the feeling the racket provides is indescribable.

If you are gonna cheap out, sure be my guest. But if you really want to experience what it feels like to play with a racket from a good brand, go and get yourself one.

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